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Animals This Year

For 2022, we are not planning on raising any pork for half hogs on our farm. We are buying five ewe lambs to start our own flock of Katahdin sheep this summer! There is still frozen lamb, pork, and goat available for sale by the cut from the end of last year in the farm shop.

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Pastured Pork

Pork as Nature Intended

Our pigs are allowed outdoors on pasture for the duration of their lives. They can exhibit all of their natural behaviors: living in a social group, rooting around for grubs and acorns, wallowing in mud pits to escape summer's heat. In other words, our pigs are allowed to be pigs! We are conscientious of always promoting a low-stress environment, both for the animals' sake and for eventual meat quality. They are given access to a freshly-milled non-GMO feed in addition to fruit and vegetable scraps and whatever they forage themselves. (Yes, even pigs enjoy a daily salad!) 

Over 98% of pork consumed in the United States is raised indoors in concentrated animal feeding operations. Have you ever tasted the difference? We are selling our pork in bulk pre-orders: half or whole hogs. By ordering with us, you are not only helping support a local farm, but better standards for animal welfare and environmentally-conscious farming practices.  

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FAQ: Pork Pre-Order

Pastured Meats: FAQ

When will your order be ready?

Our next butcher dates are scheduled for December 2021.

How much meat can you expect to get?

A half hog is generally 70-80 lbs of final meat. 

You can customize the way that the butcher processes your animal, but the basic cuts are as follows:

  • Loins

  • Chops

  • Pork shoulder

  • Spare ribs

  • Ham

  • Bacon

  • Hocks

  • Sausage, several flavor options

  • Neck bones & lard also available

How much space does it take up in the freezer?

Figure approximately 3 cubic feet of freezer space for a half hog. This would fit in an empty top compartment freezer.

A whole hog easily fits into a standard 7 cubit foot chest freezer.


We charge $5/lb hanging weight. This includes all butchering fees. 

We are expecting a hanging weight of roughly 100-110lbs / half hog, 200-220 / whole hog. 

$75 deposit is due to reserve your half or whole hog. You will be notified later of your final balance and pickup date & time. Remainder due at pickup.


Reserve Your Pork Now

Please fill out the form below with any questions or call the farm at 440.832.0865. We will email you a hog cut sheet where you can customize your order (pork chop thickness, sausage flavors, etc.).

You can make your deposit payment via cash, check or Venmo @SouthgateFarmLLC.

Thanks for submitting!

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