Update 5/20/2020: CSA Registration Closed

Thank you for your interest! Our CSA is currently full. Please send us a message if you would like to be notified when signups start for next year.


CSA Frequently Asked Questions

All about Southgate Farm's CSA


What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way to encourage and support local food production and sustainable land management practices. CSA members prepay for their food for the growing season. By making this commitment to the farm in advance, you help the farm's cash flow when things are tight with springtime investments in seeds, fertilizer and tools. Your membership also helps buffer some of the uncertainty of the season, as some crops inevitably perform better than others due to unpredictable weather, pest, disease and market patterns. 

CSA can be a great tool to deepen your relationship with your plate, learning to eat with the seasons. If you enjoy cooking and trying new vegetables, it can be an exciting culinary adventure. Members rejoice in the bounties of the season alongside with the farmer.

How does Southgate Farm's CSA differ from others?

In the original CSA model, members receive a weekly box of whatever produce is available. We are trying a Market Share CSA Model instead.

This means that members pick up their produce at our farm stand just like other customers. As a CSA member, you start the season off with an account credit that reflects your initial CSA membership cost. We will have a book where you can keep track of your running CSA account.

In this model, you have the flexibility to spend $15 of your veggie credit when you know you'll be out of town part of the week, and $35 the following week when you know you'll have company. You can decide whether to shop every week or every other week or whatever schedule works for you. You can choose to double down on cucumbers when you want to make pickles or to skip whatever vegetables aren't your favorite. 

Is your produce chemical free?

Yes, our produce is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We only use supplies that are approved under organic certification.

What do you grow?

We grow as wide of a selection of vegetables as we can. Availability changes over the course of the season. June has only a few things ready for harvest, while July through October have a greater diversity. Please see the below chart for guidance. Keep in mind that this chart is not meant to guarantee that any one crop will be available at that time or at all. (Even the best laid garden plans sometimes go awry.) The chart represents the general season in which each crop will be available and our best-case-scenario plans for the coming year.

Projected Crop Availability


When and where do members pick up?

Members can opt to spend their account credit whenever our farm stand is open. We plan to open for the season Saturday June 6th. We expect to remain open through at least October.

Farm Stand Hours: 

5-7 PM Wednesdays

9 AM-12 PM Saturdays

The farm stand will be set up near the Mount Pleasant entrance to Southgate Park, just past the gate at the end of the parking area. 

How much does membership cost?

We are offering two share sizes this year:

Mini Share: $250 ($275 of produce)
Average of $12.5/ week produce for 22 weeks.

Standard Share: $500 ($550 of produce)
Average of $25/ week produce for 22 weeks.

Expect produce prices to generally reflect those that you would see at a local farmers market or in the organic section of the grocery store. 

What if I still have $400 left in September?

Your account credit must be used in 2020. It cannot be carried over to the next season. If I notice that the season is progressing and you haven't burned through much of your credit, I'll reach out to talk. I'm always happy to give pointers toward recipes or preserving the harvest. There is nothing better than pulling out super sweet frozen bell peppers in January!

Benefits to Members

We appreciate your investment in the farm and commitment to our success. We would like to offer CSA members a 10% "return" on their investment, meaning that by paying $500 up front, you would be entitled to $550 of our produce this year.

We also will make every attempt to reserve anything that we have in limited quantities so that CSA members have first dibs on popular items.

Lastly, I genuinely hope that we can build community through CSA. To this end, I plan to host at least one annual summer CSA potluck in the barn. I would also like the CSA to evolve into a space where we can regularly share recipes. We can grow together in learning to enjoy new and exciting varieties along with old favorites. 

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

When we open for business in June, we will look to the latest guidelines, but we anticipate enacting the following precautions:

Wearing masks at the farm stand and recommending patrons wear masks.
6 foot space markers set up for those in line.
Providing hand sanitizer.

So how do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining, payment is due in full before June 1st, along with a completed membership formSee link here. Checks can be made out to Southgate Farm LLC and mailed to our UPS box:

3465 S. Arlington Rd.
Suite E #251
Akron, OH 44312

We also accept Venmo payments @SouthgateFarm-LLC. 

Please reach out through our contact form if you have any questions! 


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